Passover Recipe Roundup

Believe it or not, we eat well during Passover. We don’t even miss bread. It’s only a week! If you can’t go eight days without eating a bagel, there’s probably something wrong with you (not that we don’t love bagels, clearly).

Our secret to delicious Passover dining is using matzah only for what it is intended (read: forgoing desserts that replace flour with matzah meal) and experimenting with sweets that can be enjoyed all year long, but just happen to be kosher for Passover.

Below are some Passover-friendly recipes from around the web that we plan on making this year, as well as some from our archives. Notice how we ate them even when flour was allowed in our diets!

Cauliflower or broccoli from the Williams-Sonoma Bride and Groom Cookbook.

Chocolate truffles; you can get any more decadent than truffles!

We know latkes are for hanukkah, but there’s no reason we can’t eat them for Passover, too.

Matzoh 101 Cookbook’s Chile Rellenos, Matzah, courtesy of @KosherDIY

Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Cake Roll: Made this last year during the holiday. Unfortunately, those were pre-blogging times, so there is no photographic evidence. Since we didn’t have an electric or stand mixer, we had to whip the egg whites into soft peaks with our hands. I would do it again for this cake. The layers of rich chocolate are complimented by fresh whipped cream. Easily the best Passover dessert we’ve ever tasted. And the critics, err, our guests, agreed! Oh, and we skipped the liqueur, because we didn’t have any.

David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Covered Caramelized Matzah

Matzah ball soup. Duh.

Matzah Brei, because you have you include matzah brei in your Passover recipe roundup! This one is from My Jewish Learning.

Meringues might be a bit hard to make without a Kitchenaid, and we don’t have a kosher for Passover Kitchenaid, but if we’re brave enough to whip up all of those egg whites by hand, this will be a great dessert this holiday!

Since we Sephardic Jews eat rice on Passover, yebra is kosher for us; if you’re Ashkenaz, flexfoodie suggests using quinoa instead.