Hi! We’re Stephanie Hanan and Jessica Matthews—The Kosher Foodies. We both live in New York City; Stephanie in Manhattan with her husband, David and son, Steven, and Jessica in Brooklyn with her husband, Zeke and kids Richie and Roz.

In 2009, we started thekosherfoodies.com to document what we eat. Our blog is now is a collection of almost 500 recipes that we prepare in our tiny kitchens-that happen to be kosher. Each recipe is broken down into easy-to-follow step-by-step directions, making even the more complicated confections accessible to anyone. We avoid using processed ingredients and try to prepare as much from scratch as possible.

When we’re not covered in flour, you can find us standing on our heads…


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  • Gloria Dweck

    Guys this site looks amazing! I’m definitely going to use your recipes!!!!!!!

  • awesome site so proud of you both!
    Shabbat shalom

  • Lisa

    Hey Stephanie!

    Awesome site. It looks like you put a ton of time into this and it really pays off. Super cool!

  • Eileen Moon

    Hi Stephanie — I didn’t know you had a twin! Hope it doubles the fun.
    I’m going to have to try that mushroom recipe!
    Congratulations on your blog!


  • ilana kroll


    Chag Sameach – you are saving me – I am going to try the Meat” and Dairy Lasagna –


    • so happy to hear our recipes are helping! how’d it turn out?

  • Hi there,

    I like this blog, you guys do a nice job. Have you seen joyofkosher.com, maybe we can cross post. I am writing an article on home made ice cream for July, would love to include yours, consider posting your ice cream recipe on our site and you are welcome to put a link to your site as the source. If you want to offer any tips for making ice cream at home maybe I can use it in the article.

    Be in touch.


  • You might be interested in my kosher cheeses including wheels of traditionally made 18 month aged Kosher Parmesan

  • robbin

    i would like to know where i can get the recipe for the danish/cinnamon buns on the top of your wedsite

  • Hey Ladies- great concept you got here…

  • I’m so excited to find your blog! I love reading food blogs, but it gets to be a drag to always have to work out how to ‘kosherize’ the recipes. Looking forward to reading and getting new ideas!

  • Bookmarking this blog!