Real vanilla extract is so expensive, and imitation vanilla is no substitute for the real thing, so now we make our own.

All you need is some vanilla beans and some alcohol.

It’s not that easy to find vanilla beans in a regular supermarket, but we found them at Kalustyan’s. If that’s not convenient for you, of course you can find them on the internet.

Just cut the beans lengthwise, place them in a small jar, and fill the jar with vodka. After about two months your vanilla is ready to use. As it runs out, keep adding vodka and beans.

  • Wow.. I had no idea about vanilla extract and vodka.. I hope you follow up with this in a few months to let us know how it worked.

  • Here is my post on the vanilla and lemon extracts I made several months ago:

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  • This works very well. My mom and I made some two years ago. Into a 1 quart mason jar we stashed about 40 vanilla pods each. She used plain vodka, I used Stoli vanilla vodka (it’s kosher and Stoli said it was made by soaking some vanilla beans as well). We left ours to soak almost 6 months, shaking regularly. It’s so rich you could serve it in a shot glass. I’m never buying vanilla extract again.