Sweet Potato Burgers

I love veggie burgers! But you already knew that. I just have to try tons and tons of recipes for veggie burgers. I can’t help it.

These are immensely healthy. And cheap, especially if you use dried beans. I was lazy and used cans, but I can imagine they’d be more flavorful if I cooked my own beans, so will do that next time.

The above photo is beautiful. It’s from the original blog that I got the recipe from. Turns out, when I cleaned out my computer, I forgot to save some important photos…Here are the ones I have, but for more beautiful photos of the finished product, click here.

These tasted great. They had veggies and protein in them, were definitely a full meal (which is obviously what you want a veggie burger to be). The slight problem I had with them? Texture. Unless you’re amazing at making a crust, which not many people are, they’re mushy. Now that doesn’t mean don’t make them. By all means, do. I loved them. So did Richie. It just means to eat them with some lettuce and pickles on your bun instead of plain.

In keeping with Chanukah tradition, we’ll fry these burgers in some safflower oil! Of course, you could bake them, but really I just used 1 tablespoon of oil to cover the bottom of the pan and make them nice and crispy. Enjoy.

Sweet Potato and White Bean Veggie burger, adapted from here:

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers
makes 7-8 large patties

2 cans cannellini white beans, drained
1 large sweet potato, baked/peeled/mashed (about 2 cups)
2 Tbsp tahini
2 tsp maple or agave syrup
1 tsp lemon pepper seasoning OR Cajun seasoning (or another fave spice!)
1/4 cup wheat flour
optional: additional seasoning (whatever you have on hand – I used a few dashes cayenne, black pepper and a scoop of nutritional yeast)
salt to taste if needed

plentiful Panko crumbs
safflower oil for pan

burgers: avocado, Dijon mustard, grain buns, romaine, onion, olive oil, pepper


1. Bake sweet potato. Peel, place in large mixing bowl.
2. Add drained beans to mixing bowl. Mash beans and potato together.
3. Mash in seasoning, flour and any additional seasoning. Your mixture will be quite soft and moist. But you should be able to form a patty. Add more flour or a scoop of breadcrumbs Рor dry rice to thicken the mixture if needed.
4. Heat 1 Tbsp safflower oil in a pan over high heat.
5. Form a patty from mixture and coat in Panko crumbs. Thick coating. Then drop the patty in the pan. Repeat until the pan is filled. Fry until browned on both sides. (You could also bake. If baking, use less Panko.)
6. Transfer cooked patties to paper towel. Cool for a few minutes.
7. Serve on toasted bun with lotsa toppings.

Note: yes this patty does fall kind of apart as you eat it. But that is OK because it tastes yummy.