Temp Tee Cream Cheese Spreads

Matzah and cream cheese is THE quintessential Passover dish. Yes, anyone can spend hours making delicious meals (meat or dairy), but sometimes all you want is some matzah and cream cheese!IMG_5143

IMG_5069IMG_5070Of course, Temp Tee is the only way to go. Matzah needs the easily spreadable whipped spread so it doesn’t break (because everyone knows a whole matzah is better than two halves).

So, here are two very easy recipes I have for spreads with Temp Tee. The first, an olive spread, is because olive cream cheese is just my favorite. And the second is a chocolate cream cheese spread, because sometimes you just want matzah to be your dessert. Plus, kids will go crazy for it. And adults will pretend not to love it, but secretly sneak bites whenever they can.


These are two of the easiest recipes ever, but during the last Passover lunch, you’ll be happy you have these two ideas you saw here just to get something on the table that you think your family will eat.

For the recipes, click here and here to see the recipes on Joy of Kosher. And check out all the other amazing Temp Tee recipes our fellow food bloggers (and ourselves) posted for the holiday. Chag Kasher VeSameach, everyone!


And best of all, you can eat this on top of matzah or even your favorite passover rolls!