Osem Whole Wheat Matzah Meal + Passover Pancakes

Matzah meal is definitely a staple in our household. We love matzah ball soup, and you need matzah meal to make those fluffy matzah balls all year ’round! We always try to make the healthiest meals possible for our families, so we were very happy to discover that Osem sells whole wheat matzah meal. They sent us a sample, and we just love it!

kosher for passover whole wheat pancakes {the kosher foodies}

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Belgian Buttermilk Waffles

I know a waffle maker is a unitasker, but I just love having people over for brunch on Sunday and serving homemade waffles!

Sometimes I add blueberries to the batter. You can also add other berries, chocolate chips, bananas, etc. I usually also make the whole batter recipe and only use half, so I can freeze the other half and have the batter ready for an impromptu brunch party!

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