Peas in the Style of Tuscany

This side dish is so easy, and I love peas. The best part? You can make it all year long, since it’s great with frozen peas. If it’s springtime and you want to bother with shelling fresh peas, feel free, but I find that frozen ones are just fine.

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Tomato Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes

Or Chicken as the Farmer’s Wife Would Make – or – ´╗┐Polla al la Contadina

I love Mario Batali. Yes, he wears Crocs and high socks and talks so quickly it’s hard to understand him, but his use of simple ingredients and fresh flavors to make the most amazing meals is truly a talent. Plus he went to Rutgers (just like Stephanie!) and used to work at Stuff Yer Face in New Brunswick. Best yet is that he didn’t forget about his roots! Oh, and he sports a red beard. Continue reading