Semolina Pasta

There’s nothing better than fresh, homemade pasta. Obviously, I like to boil a box of spaghetti for a quick and easy dinner as much as anyone else, but fresh pasta has it’s own category in my book, I sometimes can’t even believe that the two are the same.
homemade semolina pasta with homemade pesto

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Homemade Pasta with 7 Yolks

After attempting to make French macarons, I had plenty of egg yolks left over (and no cookies!). Sure, I could make ice cream or pudding with them, but I didn’t feel like it. So even though I don’t have a pasta roller, I decided to make pasta dough and roll it out with my rolling pin. When the dough was finished, I was scared to ruin it, so I took my pasta over to my parents’ house, instructing my sister to bring her Kitchenaid pasta-rolling attachment there as well, and we teamed up to serve our family the best pasta dish ever! Continue reading

Brisket Hamburgers

Hamburgers are the ultimate comfort food. Especially a nice, big, juicy burger with either guacamole on top. I don’t eat ketchup or mustard, so I often try to get more flavor out of the actual burger. That means better meat, and flavors added into that meat. Which is why when I saw Alex Guarnaschelli make hamburgers with brisket, the cut Pat LaFrieda claimed is the best for hamburgers, I knew I had to try it. Continue reading