Inside Out Grilled Cheese

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You might think that this recipe is boring, but it really is the best grilled cheese. Ever. I make it in my mini cast iron skillet with pita bread, butter, and two kinds of cheese.

The most important part of this sandwich? To put the cheese on the outside of the pita bread. The pocket side gets all buttery, crispy, and delicious, and is just so much better when it’s outside the sandwich! Don’t believe me? Try it!


  • Pita bread (half a pita per sandwich)
  • Butter
  • Cheese (I use cheddar and muenster, you can use whatever cheese you like)


1. Heat cast iron skillet on medium-high heat.

2. Add butter, enough to coat pan.

3. Split pita bread in half around the pocket, then cut in half.

4. Place pita cut (cranny) side up in skillet. Toast until the bottom is crispy. Flip over.

5. Place cheese on the pita (yes, the outside of the pita) until it melts.

6. Join two halves together until cheese oozes out.

7. Remove from skillet and enjoy 🙂