Fried Smashed Potatoes

I usually don’t fry things, but the other day I happened to be really hungry and had hardly anything in the house to eat (which happens pretty often, believe it or not). I found some mini potatoes on the counter and remembered watching Giada make potatoes by smashing them and frying them. They looked great on her show, so why not try it!

ThisĀ  dish is in no way filling, but it works as a snack, a side dish, or something to fend off hungry husbands until dinner time. I like it best as a side with eggs – they’re easier to make than hash browns, but still crispy like that breakfast potato we all love.

I didn’t follow Giada’s recipe at all, just her idea – I had no lemons and didn’t feel like dirtying another bowl to make a vinaigrette, but since these were so great, I think I’ll do it her way next time, if only to use my newest kitchen gadget (which is totally awesome).


  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 tablespoons butter (if you have clarified butter or ghee, use that. For pareve version, use your favorite butter substitute or more olive oil)
  • About 15 small potatoes
  • 2-3 cloves garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper


1. In saucepan, cover potatoes with water. Cover and bring to a boil, cook for 15-20 minutes, until the potatoes are soft. Drain and let cool.

2. Slowly heat olive oil and butter (ghee/clarified butter) in saute pan with the full garlic cloves. Discard the garlic after the oil is hot enough to fry in.

3. Smash the potatoes (make sure they’re cool!) with the palm of your hand. Add them to the hot oil and fry for 3 minutes, then flip and fry for another 3 minutes on the other side.

4. Remove from oil, and sprinkle with salt (sea or kosher) and freshly ground black pepper.