Crackly Cinnamon Wafers: Take Two

So remember when I made those cinnamon cookies and froze half of the dough? Well, here’s that half, obviously unfrozen and baked. I did things a little differently this time, and I think they held true to their title this time, too; this batch was certainly crackly and wafer-y. First, I transferred the dough (which was wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in a zip-top baggie, with directions written on it) out of the freezer and placed it into the fridge before I went to work in the morning. When I got home, it went from the fridge to the counter.

Then it got rolled into tablespoon-sized balls and placed on a Silpat-lined baking sheet:

I used a measuring cup to flatten each cookie before baking them for 10 minutes. These were smaller and thinner than the first, so they were ready sooner. I skipped the sugar on top, I think I forgot about it (even though it was clearly written right in front of me. Oh well).

I think I liked the first ones better as chewy cookies. I am one of two people who actually tasted both of them, the other being my husband, who when asked, said, “I dunno.” So I guess it’s up to you to judge weather you like crackly wafers or soft and chewy cookies. These would probably make better ice cream sandwiches, though. Hmm, that could be an awesome summer project…