Homemade Cashew Milk

cashew milk by the kosher foodies

Chag Sameach! We are back here and back to blogging after a busy busy few months and a little blog hiatus. We have still been active on Instagram, though. And have actually been cooking, and even photographing some recipes. And now we will catch up with those. I have a confession to make: We made this a LONG time ago. Probably in June, actually. Better late than never, right?

Some news: We just moved into a new house! With a double wall oven, five burner stove, and two dishwashers! Plus, no more green counter tops and yellow walls; I have black granite and three skylights in my kitchen! I cannot wait for the food photos in my new kitchen. Steph wants to start off by making me bake cronuts for her, but I’m open to ideas and suggestions from everyone else.

But for now, I will give you an amazingly delicious and simple recipe that we made together this summer. In my favorite kitchen gadget, my Vitamix! It’s amazing for making nut milks, but really if you have just any old blender, cashew milk is the best kind of nut milk to make. Cashews are very soft and will blend well. Because of that, the milk from them is super creamy and silky. Also, cashews are cheaper than almonds, so really this is a great substitution.

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Blueberry Coconut Smoothie

blueberry coconut

This month’s linkup is all about drinks! Cocktails (and mocktails) to serve at your next party. Well, I’m all about my Vitamix these days, and while I could easily whip up a frozen margarita, I am more into making healthy smoothies and drinks. You can add vodka to this if you like, or really anything to make it more of a cocktail. It’s a wonderful drink that quenches thirst and fights cancer! That is, as long as you can crack open that young coconut.

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Happy Purim: Hot Chocolate on a Stick

What is hot chocolate on a stick, you ask? apparently it’s not exactly what it sounds like, because it sounds like liquid on a stick, which sounds impossible. So I guess I’d have to say it’s a bar of chocolate on a popsicle stick that you melt in hot milk to turn into hot chocolate!
Happy Purim! I sent this recipe to Jessica a couple of months ago, and even though these were meant as Christmas gifts, we saved them to make for Purim, because don’t they make perfect mishloach manot? This recipe uses store-bought mini-marshmallows, but we knew if we were going to make these, we had to make our own!

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Cream Soda

Stephanie has had the pleasure of working next to the folks of P&H Soda Co. for the past month at Madison Square Eats, an outdoor popup food fair. Not only did she drink tons of gourmet soda (her favorite flavor was ginger-lime, by the way), but she also learned that Anton, the owner, was once on TV with Martha Stewart! When she sent me this video back in February, she never even heard of Anton or his soda company, but knew I would be interested in making Anton’s cream soda at home; I’m so glad I did! Continue reading

Passion Tea Lemonade

Ever been to Starbucks and spend way too much money on a drink? I know I have. And I love their passion tea lemonade. So when I bought Tazo passion tea from the supermarket, I had an idea. Instead of only drinking it hot with a little bit of honey, why not prepare some iced passion tea and drink it just like at Starbucks? I added some homemade lemonade and it was a hit! A little more lemonadey than the Starbucks kind, but that can definitely be tweaked according to taste. I definitely like it that way.

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Spiced Apple Cider

I love apple cider, and especially love it from the farmer’s market. If I’m stuck at home, though, this will have to do. On a cold winter night, it’s sometimes better than hot chocolate. We can make this delicious stuff all through the winter. I know it’s not technically winter yet, but it’s cold enough here in New York now to call it winter!

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Cold Brewed Coffee

Everyone in the Deal area is going crazy over Rook Coffee Roasters. Yes, we agree, it’s delicious! And adorable and cute and teeny. You know why their iced coffee is so delicious? Because they cold brew it. And they use organic milk. Okay, it helps that they have good quality coffee and everything, but cold brewing is a big deal. They just rock is all.

We’ve been cold brewing our coffee ever since 2007 when the New York Times posted an article about it. We were hooked, and never went back to chilling hot coffee again!

Okay, so I didn’t use the greatest quality coffee this time, but one of the greatest things about cold brewing is the fact that it’s awesome anyway! and Chock full o’ Nuts was on sale last week, so I had to buy it.

Cold brewed coffee is super strong, so either dilute it with some water or have it “latte style” with half coffee and half milk. I like my coffee creamy, so I opt for the latter, but it’s also quite amazing with water (1:1 coffee to water ratio) and a splash of cream or milk. If you’re a fan of the smokey flavor, add some hickory chips in the cold brew and sweeten it – that’s a New Orleans style brew for you.

As long as you have a Ball jar (where can we get those GIANT ones, please?), some coffee, and filtered water, you can make great coffee at home. No fancy machines needed. You don’t even need measuring cups, because the measurements are marked on the jars.

After straining, it keeps in the fridge for a couple of months! So now you can enjoy a refreshing cup of iced coffee every Shabbat and during all of these holidays we’re in the midst of!

I know you’ll miss the beach, camp, and summer in general. But amazing iced coffee is one thing you don’t have to miss all winter long.

Cold Brewed Coffee from The New York Times:


  • 1/3 cup of coffee to every 1 cup water
  • Filtered water (I use water from my Brita)
  • A tiny pinch of salt (optional) – I like listening to Alton about everything. He puts salt in his coffee before brewing to get the harshness out of it. Without brewing, there really is no harshness, but salt brings out flavors, and we LOVE coffee, so we put a teeny pinch of salt.


1. Add coffee to jar (I use a 3-cup mason jar, so I put one cup of coffee)

2. Fill Jar with water (3 cups)

3. Let sit on counter for 12-24 hours.

4. Strain coffee grinds – I just pour it straight through the coffee filter in my coffee maker. Sometimes I put some cheese cloth or a coffee filter over another mason jar and pour it through, but that involves me standing over it for a while. This is WAY easier.

5. Enjoy the iced coffee any way you like it! My favorite is some crushed ice, half whole milk, and half coffee. What’s your favorite way to drink coffee?

Like the “green” coffee cup? It’s from Starbucks. A grande reusable double walled plastic cup. It rocks. If you see it there, buy 20, because they sell out fast. We also have a “venti” one with a candy-cane striped straw! Oh, and Starbucks gives you a discount if you use it. Other places aren’t so interested in filling it for you, but they’re perfect for bringing coffee from home!

White Strawberry Sangria

Is there a better way to celebrate your oldest friends, a hot NYC summer day and the awesome strawberry season that we’ve been blessed with than strawberry sangria? I couldn’t think of one, so when my elementary school crew was coming over to my apartment for a dinner party, I conjured this recipe right before my friends started to show up and we sipped sangria until we were ready for dinner.

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Hot Chocolate Mix

I know it isn’t really hot chocolate season, but this is the reason that you need this post. Ever get home and just really want a mug of hot chocolate only to realize that you have no more little packets Well, after making this you won’t need any.

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