Alton’s Tortellini

After watching the Good Eats episode “Use Your Noodle 2” (twice) I decided to try making my own tortellini. I had wanted to try homemade pasta for a while, but I don’t have a pasta maker. Alton said I can make these tortellini without one, so I had to try it. I spent a few hours making this batch, and ended up with a little more than 50 tortellinis (and messed up only four).


I followed the recipe exactly – I even bought a wedge of Parmesan cheese (I had to hold my breath when I grated it). The recipe called for 3 cups of flour for the well, and I ended up only using 2 of those cups because that’s how much the wet ingredients “wanted,” and the episode said not to force it.

I now know why when i order tortellini at restaurants they give only about ten – it takes a VERY long time to make. I froze half the batch, and served the other half for dinner.

It was delicious!


Now i’m just waiting for someone to buy me this so I can make pasta all the time (and not spend three hours shaping each all those tortellini).